SNAP Companion Software

The Need

Original ideas can be hard to come by, especially when you have been immersed in a problem for a long time. Looking at similar problems and solutions in other domains can give you a fresh perspective on your problem.

What it is

I have developed a unique tool for facilitating the generation of original ideas: SNAP Companion, which is an online application for automated searching, selecting, and emailing of YouTube video links, based on a short description of your problem.

Once you send me a short description of your problem, I will use SNAP Companion to search for YouTube videos containing analogies to your problem. Within 72 hours, I will email you links to the five videos most appropriate for your problem.

I will guide you and your team on how to maximise the value of these videos by identifying analogies to your problem and generating original solution ideas based on these analogies.

In need of original ideas? Send me a description of your problem here.

If you require help with defining your problem first, request my problem definition service.