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Taught a workshop on effective easy-to-use techniques for creative problem-solving

On January 21, I hosted a workshop as part of MIT Independent Activities Periods 2021. My co-host was Sheng-Hung Lee, a designer and student at MITidm. The workshop itself was part of my recruitment efforts for SP.248, a first-year course on creative problem-solving that I will be teaching this coming spring.

Participants practiced four quick and effective techniques for solving design problems: 5W technique for creating a succinct challenge statement, a SNAP Method exercise for generating original ideas by challenging implicit assumptions, an analogizing exercise for generating original ideas based on emotional effect created together with Sheng-Hung, and a method for classifying, combining and refining original ideas into useful ones.

The challenge students tackled was a pertinent one: due to campus closing or only partially opening, many undergraduate students are attending online lessons via Zoom or a similar platform. This medium bears many difficulties for communication, instruction, and learning.

Participants generated four refined ideas for solving the challenge.