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Course launch: SP.248 Discover the Magic of the Ways of Thinking: NEET!

This coming Monday will be the launch of the remote course SP.248 Discover the Magic of the Ways of Thinking: NEET!

The first-year course is offered by the New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET) program at MIT School of Engineering. I am the Lead Instructor for this course, with five instructors -- one from each track of NEET -- co-teaching it with me.

SP.248 introduces students to the NEET Ways of Thinking, which are cognitive approaches for tackling complex challenges, valued by industry and for thriving in an uncertain and rapidly changing world. Student teams learn how to apply various Ways of Thinking for solving these challenges, including practical methods and tools which they can later use. During this course, students with learn about and apply four NEET Ways of Thinking: creative thinking, systems thinking, and analytical thinking, and making.

While the course is completely remote, it does include synchronous lessons with interactive activities between myself and the students, remote team work, and reflective activities for individual students. In this way, I hope to provide every student in the course with a meaningful learning experience.