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Facilitated idea generation for problem-solving in high school biotechnology education

On June 30th, I taught a workshop on creative problem solving to a group of high school biotechnology teachers, as part of a professional development program. The program took place at Hadasim Hertzliyah High School.

I began the workshop by requesting participants to name their most nagging problems as teachers. Participants then self-organized into teams of 3 or 4 according to their shared problems, and implemented a shortened version of the SNAP Method to generate ideas for solving their chosen problem.

The problems teachers raised included low retention of second-year students, low proficiency of students in written communication, and difficulties in matching students' research projects to academic mentors.

There was great cooperation from participant teachers, and some very interesting ideas! This experience reminded me again that anyone can and should benefit from a systematic approach to creative problem solving such as the SNAP Method.