Questions and Answers

What is Creative Problem Solving?

Some problems can be solved with existing solutions, applying known methods for finding solutions, or inferring solutions based on similar problems and solutions.


However, novel (unfamiliar) problems cannot be solved in any of those ways. When you haven't found an effective solution for your problem and you're not sure how to come up with a solution, it's time to think creatively!

What Problems Does the SNAP Method Help Solve?

The SNAP Method can be implemented individually or in teams, with each participant contributing their own ideas for solving the problem and facilitating other participants' creative thinking. The method is suitable for generating solutions to novel design problems in any domain, such as products, services, marketing strategies, business models, social programs, and more.  

What are the Advantages of the SNAP Method?

Existing methods for the facilitation of creative problem-solving are either non-systematic, producing ineffective ideas, or are resource-intensive and limited to specific domains, requiring much time, prior training, and company reorganisation. The SNAP Method delivers a unique combination of advantages over other methods:

SNAP advantages.png
  1. Effectiveness – produces several original and refined ideas, ranked according to their usefulness

  2. Quickness – takes four to five hours per problem

  3. Domain independece – applicable to various domains, disciplines, and industries

  4. Replicability – requires no special equipment or prior training

In short, the SNAP Method® delivers more creative ideas at a lower cost when compared with other methods for solving novel design problems.

What is the SNAP Method Based On?

I developed the SNAP Method to maximise every person’s natural ability for creative problem-solving. The method is the product of a unique synthesis of established research with my own insights into creativity, problem solving, systems thinking, collaboration, and other topics.

When tackling a problem, each individual has a mental model of the problem with its own unique configuration of concepts and interrelationships. The SNAP Method facilitates creative thinking using exercises which help reconfigure the mental model of the problem. Creative ideas are generated when we successfully reconfigure the mental model of unfamiliar problems, making them familiar and thus solvable.

How Does the SNAP Method Work?

The SNAP Method consists of a detailed five-stage process and simple, freely available online tools. It can be completed within five hours. Alternatively, each stage of the method can be conducted in a separate session. The first, second, and fourth stages are conducted by the entire team, while the third and last stages include both collaborative and individual elements.

snap method process.png

Can We Implement the SNAP Method?

Yes! I offer workshops for implementing the SNAP Method. I will personally instruct your team through every step of the process. All the data produced is saved digitally.

Read more about the SNAP Method workshop here, or email me.