SNAP Method Creative Blitz

About SNAP Method

A structured method for creative problem solving should not only address the generation of ideas, but also the understanding of the problem, as well as the refinement of ideas. SNAP Method Creative Blitz addresses the various stages from problem formulation to refinement of ideas. It does not require prior training or expertise.

What You Get

I offer a short session (two hours) implementing SNAP Method for solving new problems. A session can take place remotely or onsite.

A session typically produces three to five concrete, detailed and creative ideas. I will personally facilitate the entire process for you and your team.

The recommended team size is three or four participants, not including the facilitator (me).
No special equipment is required: just a laptop/desktop/tablet for each participant, and an Internet connection.

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The Process

1. Define (40 minutes, based on three participants)
Define the problem as a team

Create a succinct description of the problem using the 5W Technique.

2. Ideate (20 minutes)
Generate original ideas individually and as a team

Using SNAP Method exercises, generate four ideas per participant.

3. Refine (60 minutes)
Combine and refine ideas as a team

Classify ideas by underlying solution concepts, combine and refine them into three to five solutions.