Find creative ideas for solving your problem in hours!

I developed SNAP Method to optimize the process of problem-solving and to help every person maximize their ability to think creatively.


Improved creativity leads to better solutions: products, services, marketing strategies, and business models.

Poorly defined problems can be unnecessarily difficult to solve, and unstructured methods for problem-solving that are not based in scientific research can be wasteful and ineffective. However, many organisations do not have the resources to invest in the lengthy training and costly consultants required for implementing such methods. This is where I come in.

SNAP Method Workshop (five hours) and SNAP Method Creative Blitz (two hours) take your team from defining the problem to generating creative ideas, refining them, and evaluating them. The method is implemented in Web browser-based software for collaborative problem-solving.

Need to generate creative ideas quickly? The SNAP Companion software conducts advanced search within YouTube for videos that can provide you with creative ideas for solving your problem.

If you need to deepen your understanding of the problem first, define your problem by applying a conceptual modeling method and tool, followed by applying the 5W Technique to formulate a succinct problem statement.